About the Author


My name is Toni Frankola and I’m an entrepreneur, IT consultant, and Microsoft Office Servers and Services MVP.
I run my own software company, Acceleratio Ltd. The company specializes in enterprise software solutions for SharePoint, Office 365, Windows Servers, SQL, Remote Desktop Services, Citrix, helping admins and consultants worldwide manage their complex environments.

About Our Products

So far, Acceleratio Ltd. has four products—SPDocKit, SysKit, CloudKit 365, and SQLDocKit.

SPDocKit is the ultimate SharePoint management and administration tool designed for generating SharePoint farm documentation. SPDocKit helps you set up a farm based on best practices, manage SharePoint permissions, track configurations, compare farms, and monitor farm health.

SysKit comprises monitoring and administration solutions for Windows Servers, Citrix XenApp, Remote Desktop Services, RD Gateways, and workstations. The tool tracks user activities, diagnoses server performance problems, monitors application usage, system inventory and much more. That’s why it’s one of our most complex tools.

CloudKit 365 is an advanced cloud-based solution, developed to help Office 365 administrators gain a complete insight into their Office 365 environment, manage SharePoint Online permissions, and create various reports.

SQLDocKit is a server administration tool. With SQLDocKit administrators can autodiscover all SQL Server instances and document the entire SQL server environment, making SQL server management a whole lot easier.