• How rapid digital transformation changes the way we do business

    People, Process, Technology (PPT) framework has a new member. Pandemic. Explore opportunities & advantages to adapt to industry disruptions with digital transformation.

  • Road to Successful Office 365 Governance – Discover, Report, Protect

    COVID era transformed how we communicate inside teams and collaborate with people inside and outside the organization. Read about work from home stats, the impact of Microsoft Teams, and get a glimpse of what future may hold after the pandemic is over.

  • 50 Best Practices for Securing Microsoft 365

    Discover 50 best practices to protect your Microsoft 365 tenant from internal and external threats.

  • Slides from Office 365 Saturday New York 2019

    Last weekend I had a great privilege to speak at the awesome event in the heart of New York City. The topic was “Governance in the Modern Workplace: SharePoint, OneDrive, Groups, Teams, Flows, and PowerApps” and here are my slides: Governance in the Modern Workplace: SharePoint, OneDrive, Groups, Teams, Flows, and PowerApps from Toni Frankola…

  • Is SharePoint Down?

    In SysKit, we rely heavily on cloud services like Office 365, Azure (DevOps), and a plethora of other cloud services we use daily. When one of these goes out, it is the equivalent of not having electricity; the company comes to a grinding halt. In the past couple of weeks, we had a number of…

  • Office 365 Auditing Demystified

    With Office 365 usage ever increasing with one hundred eighty million monthly active users for Office 365 commercial and 60 % SharePoint growth in active users in the last year the over which is just amazing (more). With more and more workers working remotely, companies are looking to find ways to allow more collaboration, but…

  • Dodge phishing attacks with Office 365 Attack Simulator

    In recent years the number of phishing emails I receive to my Office 365 mailbox reached alarming levels. The problem with most of these emails is that attackers know you are using Office 365 service and they try to lure you to enter your Office 365 credentials on a web page that copies Office 365…

  • Security snapshot of the day – SysKit Security Manager v6

    You have probably encountered a couple of very talented people posting stunning photos of themselves or family every day/month/year, like this man who took a photo of himself and his son every year. At SysKit we are in the business of creating simple tools to manage complex systems. These complex systems are SharePoint, Office 365,…

  • Understanding SharePoint adoption with SPDocKit 9

    I recently interviewed a lot of candidates for a position in our marketing department. These people came from various backgrounds like auto, retail, digital agencies and much more. I was really astonished how many people used SharePoint in their companies to share files and collaborate with colleagues. In the corporate world, SharePoint is everywhere. When…

  • SPDocKit 8 – They can share, but can’t hide

    Our team has spent a good part of the last 12 months talking to customers large and small, trying to figure out what’s the next biggest pain they have in the day-to-day management of SharePoint systems. Our customers told us these are: