Recently I got a very nice book: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Administrator’s Companion by Bill English and others.

I did not have the time the whole book (it has 1200 pages), but parts I read were really great. Anyone working with SharePoint should have a copy of this book. (The only downside is its weight; so you probably will not be able to read it in bed ).

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Numerous sites have already moved to SharePoint 2007. You can find the list of public sites made in MOSS here. My favorites are:

The only problem here could be the price of MOSS for Internet sites. According to Microsoft and as explained by Andrew Connell the price is about $40k. I have to agree with Andrew that it is too much for a single site. Buying a CMS is not the only expense, you have to consider additional software licenses, hardware prices, design services, education… However, as Andrew said, MOSS could be an affordable hosting platform for a company that hosts multiple sites.

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