Every once in a while I run into a customer who wants to have an ability to compare different versions of a Word document. Any developer that worked with Source Safe or similar tools knows how such a feature can be very helpful.
I’m not sure if it existed in Word 2003, but with Word 2007 you can easily compare versions of a Word document. From Review tab in your ribbon choose Compare option. If you are comparing versions of a document that is stored in the document library, Word will automatically retrieve version history and you will be able to choose version you want to compare with current one.
When you select a version to compare to, it will be opened next to current one. From dialogs shown you will be able to approve/reject changes that were made (like in a regular track changes scenario).
Unfortunately there is no such feature in Excel and PowerPoint.

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    Beyond Compare from Scooter Software does compares of both Excel and Word documents, plus many other types. I wouldn’t use a machine without it.


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