Last week I was busy setting up BDC, Search and Excel services for my company intranet site. I will be posting a series of posts on these topics but today I will put a few notes on SSO. You will definitely need SSO for BDC and BDC Search; for Excel services there are some workarounds.

You will learn everything you need to know about SSO configuration here:

As usual there were a few problems whit configuration. My SSO account had problems accessing SSO SQL Server, I received all kinds of stupid errors. I solved problems by simply logging as SSO account on to SharePoint server using Remote Desktop. Everything worked fine after that, so if you encounter any permission problems just login to your SharePoint server as SSO account.


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    Can you please explain your server setup ? is your SQL DB’s on their own machine or on the same box as MOSS. Have been having a few problems setting up this when the DB’s are on a different box but in the same domain.

    Mark T

  2. toni Says

    I have MOSS on one box. Sharepoint content databases and database which we are accessing via BDC are on other box in same domain.

    SSO is setup to log every domain user with SQL authentication to read from BDC database.

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    Hi Toni

    Thanks for that, is it possible for you to post screen shots of you config of SSO in the sharepoint admin ? I think this is where i’m getting into trouble.


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    Can you send me your email address and I will email you screens?

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    Toni, my address is, could you send me the screenshots as well? We are having the same issues. Thanks,

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