One of my customers recently deployed intranet site on MOSS 2007. After a while we wanted to analyze the usage of this site. I was rather disappointed to see the built-in reports in MOSS. Reports are very basic and do not give you many clues about real usage of your site. You can read a little bit more in great Joel Olson post about same topic.

I just hope some vendor will provide us with something better.

Has anyone tried to implement Google Analitics on a SharePoint site? Were you satisfied with the results?


  1. Jaap Steinvoorte Says

    I tried Google Analytics ( If i’m satisfied? It does the trick but I don’t know if I should trust the results. For my own blog I can check the statistics via 7 different applications. Every app. shows different results(a wide range of unique visitors for example) I don’t know which one is most accurate, which one I can trust. What I like about Google analytics is the Goal conversion option

  2. Ronen Meyuhas Says

    CardioLog 2007 by Intlock is a web analytics solution designed for Enterprise Portals – including SharePoint 2007. It has its own JavaScript tracking agent and identifies SharePoint’s object model – to provide first class usage reports:

  3. SharePoint Usage Says

    Indeed using Google Analytics for SharePoint usage reports in not efficient at all … list item may appear as different URL’s, user are not clearly identified etc.
    Indeed, as Ronen says, CardioLog provides a very good solution when it comes to analyzing usage and creating usage report for SharePoint, simply because it’s designed just for the purpose.

    Check it out –
    Uri, Intlock.

  4. http:// Says

    @Uri: Yes your solution looks interesting I will try to find some time to analyze it possibilities. Can you provide me more details about it?

  5. mct Says

    Does anyone know how to translate SharePoint’s site usage reports? For example, when you generate the report called monthly summary – page, it lists “total hits.” Does this mean the total number of visits to the page? Also, if you have headers or graphics on a page, they show up in the report as well. For instance, my home page has 3,758 total hits but the graphics show up as a hit as well. Should I disregard the hits for the images or add them to the total? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  6. Caspur Says

    My firm actuay uses the WebTrends Marketing system for tracking our SharePoint sites. We have had no issues with tracking documents or listviews. If memory serves right the most dificult part of this deployment was making sure WebTrends captured title instead of file name.

    Essentially we deploy a simple JavaScript in this case and apply that to all master pages (system masters as well). The system master part means it tracks all your admin actions, so might want to add an if current user = admin do nothing type script to avoid paying for doing your job.

  7. Andy Says

    Mapilab developes a reporting solution for SharePoint:

    Did anybody look through this solution?

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