Every once in a while you will run into a customer that wants to synchronize some data from LOB system to SharePoint/WSS. Microsoft solution for this problem is Business data catalog. It is a great feature but it is only available in SharePoint Enterprise which might be too expensive for WSS or SharePoint Standard customers. More on SharePoint licensing…

Guys from Omnisys developed a great SharePoint add-on solution. It allows you to populate your SharePoint lists with data from your LOB system, and to synchronize data between lists. Learn more…


  1. Mike Walsh Says

    You have to wonder if the Omisys guys know what they are doing as far as MOSS is concerned.

    How can they write software for something they don’t even know the name of.

    Look at that page. They think that MOSS is called Portal Server ….

    1. “Tool for SharePoint Portal Server (SPS & MOSS)”

    2. “Moss 2007: MS SharePoint Portal Server 2007/WSS 3.0”

  2. Mike Walsh Says

    Also the file size of the MOSS version is given in the Buy Here page as

    151 bytes !!

    Not to mention that the offer of 2000 dollars for the MOSS version expires in 15th February 200**7**.

    Let’s hope their coders are better than their sales people !

    Although if they can fit all those features in 151 bytes they must be amazingly good 🙂

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