I am currently creating a site for a customer. He decided to use Document Center template. We started to build this site and created initial structure. Then I decided that quick launch would be useful so I went to customize its look and feel. To my amazement there was no option to customize navigation on the site settings page.

The problem here is: Document Center template does not have this feature. Since we already did some customization on the site I did not want to go back and create a new site. Here is a simple workaround for this problem:

To customize Navigation simply go to: http:///_layouts/AreaNavigationSettings.aspx 🙂

Another question, very similar to this one bothers me: I have a site that is based on the News template. I want to create a blog on the home page. I would like to use all the fancy features of Blog site template on home page. I cannot replace current site since it has a lot of content. What can I do?


  1. http:// Says

    Have you tested this out to see that it actually lets you modify the navigation? I ask because I tried this about a month ago on a project, had initial success, and posted the idea to a forum, only to realize soon thereafter that even though I could get to this page, none of the changes I was specifying would take effect.

  2. toni Says

    It worked fine for me.

  3. http:// Says

    Question is: Why is the “Navigation” link being hidden, even for an admin?

  4. http:// Says

    As I see it… This is a bug 🙂

  5. http:// Says

    navigation is hidden, when the site feature, Server Publishing Infrastructure is not activated. In this case, ‘Quick launch’ and ‘Top Link bar’ is displayed and ‘Navigation’ hidden.

    If you activate the above feature, ‘Navigation’ will be displayed and ‘Quick’, ‘Top link’ will be hidden.

  6. Spartacus Says

    Thanks, Dude! That was really harshing my mellow.

  7. http:// Says

    Up until recently I could see the Quick Launch option under Look and Feel. Then suddenly it doesn’t show. I’m not sure what caused this but it’s annoying. I don’t have Server Publishing Infrastructure enabled. Any ideas. I can get to the page by typing in the URL as mentioned above.

  8. AB Says

    Hello Toni,

    thanks for this tip, helped me a lot.


  9. Xeeshan Tahir Says

    Hi Folks…

    Its not a bug i think. You may need to enable the below mentioned features to show Navigation.

    1. [Site Collection Level] –> SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure
    2. [Site Level] –> SharePoint Server Publishing

    Hope it helps.

    Muhammad Zeeshan Tahir

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