A few years ago a friend of mine recommended me [MindManager] 1.0. I instantly fall in love with the product. Last year my company purchased MindManager 6.0. I installed it but never found time to test it properly. I liked the concept from day one, but never really had the time to evaluate it properly.

Two weeks ago, while I was getting ready to write “What’s new in CRM 4.0 – Part 1” I decided to use the trial version of MindManager 7.0. With it I created a mindmap that contains all the new features of CRM 4.0.

Couple of hours after I published the blog post, [MindJet] customer service contacted me. They told me that my CRM product map is very cool and that they would like to offer me a complimentary upgrade to MindManager 7.0.

Yes, I am now the proud owner of MindManager 7.0. Thank you MindJet!!!

My next mission is to find out how to integrate it with Outlook/SharePoint/Project Server/Groove. There are some cool tools I have already found, so this will be fun [:)]


  1. http:// Says

    There was a recent (last 2 weeks) post about integration of MM on SharePoint here on the blogs. worth a look.

    Saw your Mindmap – good job – probably a testament to the MindJet software that you were able to create such a detailed map, complete with attachments in very little time or training (based on your post).

    The thing I love about Mind Manager is that it augments the creative process, it doesn’t get in the way.

    Any SharePoint architects out there…..try building a site map in Visio – and then build the same thing w/ MindManager. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

  2. alexu Says

    have you guys tried FreeMind? Its opensource and has flash browser. FreeMind maps can be hosted at http://mappio.com

  3. http:// Says

    I tried Freemind

    It may be available at no cost, but what a drag to work with.

    Mindmaps are for endusers not for programmers

    My got how can someone try to create such a bad copy of what is already available

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