During last few weeks I spent some time with CRM 4.0 which is now in RTM phase. Here are some good blogs that you can use to find out more about CRM4:

A list of CRM 4.0 downloads can be found here.

I am getting ready for upcoming projects with CRM4 so I spent some time investigating what’s new in CRM4. A very good overview document can be found at PartnerSource (available only for partners). From the information provided in the overview document and other sources I composed a mindmap (powered by MindManager) that lists all the new features.


Some of the greatest features are listed here:
– Report wizard – create great looking reports from web interface
– Activity report added to out-of-box reports
– Live CRM – Microsoft hosted CRM4 (available in US/Canada only [:(])
– CRM Workgroup edition license (great for teams of up to 5 users)
– Enhanced Advanced find
– Workflows (based on Microsoft Workflow foundation)
– Data maps for importing data
– Duplicate detection
– Export/Import customizations
– Multi-tenancy
– Entity relationships enhanced

In part 2 of this post I will describe what I am missing in CRM4.

Updated: Mind Manager file can be downloaded here.


  1. Remco Ploeg Says

    Where can I download the mindmanager file 🙂

    great post.

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