When you are presenting Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 to customers bear in mind that one of the key selling points is the strong integration with Outlook 2007. Since Microsoft is manufacturer of both programs you are offering your customers a platform value/benefits. If you have a customer that sends a lot of email from Outlook you will be able to close a deal easily.

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When you start a CRM project, your problems will begin. Although CRM and Outlook are both manufactured by Microsoft, integration is always a problem! In our last CRM project we encountered a number of problems with CRM client installation. Here is the list of problems and possible solutions:

  1. Symptoms:
    While configuring CRM client the following error is displayed: “The Configuration Manager cannot connect to the Microsoft CRM Server”.

    Run a following query against your database server. Replace : with your CRM URL and port. To learn more click here.

    Update DeploymentProperties SET NVarCharColumn = ‘: ‘ WHERE ColumnName = ‘AsyncSdkRootDomain’
    Update DeploymentProperties SET NvarCharColumn = ‘: ‘ WHERE ColumnName = ‘ADSdkRootDomain’
    Update DeploymentProperties SET NvarCharColumn = ‘: ‘ WHERE ColumnName = ‘ADWebApplicationRootDomain’

  2. Symptoms:
    After installation CRM client the following error is displayed in the taskbar: “Unable to Connect. Lost Connection to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft Dynamics CRM will restore the connection when possible. To stop retrying, right-click and select Sign OutResolution (am not sure which one worked but you can try both):

    – You might find solution Microsoft’s KB article: KB913515 (available to customers and partners). For more detailed description check this site.

    – Configure your IIS properly: Go to IIS > Microsoft Dynamics CRM > _imgs.
    Right-click the _imgs folder and click Properties > Directory Security.
    Under Authenticate and access control click Edit and ensure Enable anonymous access is checked.

For the second problem I hoped that CRM Client Diagnostics tool would provide me with some clues. However it only displayed the following message which was not very helpful: The Web address (URL) specified for the installation (http://crm) is not responding. Diagnostic tests that require connectivity will not be run. Verify the specified Web service address and check for connectivity. If necessary, rerun the CRM Configuration Wizard.

A good source of solutions are Microsoft Dynamics CRM Forums.


  1. http:// Says

    Had a problem that matched Symptom 2. The icons would still show up and you could still perform operations using the client, but the CRM icon in the system tray had an exclamation, and it kept displaying the message every few minutes.

    I followed your 2nd example which appears to have worked.

  2. http:// Says

    Thank you for this article. I have been looking at this for a while and all it was the permissions on the _imgs directory.

  3. Spyros Says

    The permission on the images directory worked for me.

    Thank you!!

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