When working on a project that includes SharePoint in Internet facing scenario, your customer might request a CAPTCHA or some similar anti-spam algorithm to prevent automated postings to blogs and wikis.

I found a nice .NET component developed by LanapSoft. It includes some cool features like 50 different CAPTCHA algorithms and sound support. You can find the details on how to create a SharePoint web part with it here: SharePoint Captcha.


Update 25th May 2011:
There is a new version of the product (BotDetect CAPTCHA) mentioned in the original post this post. Here is the the newest step by step guide describing how to integrate BotDetect Captcha into SharePoint 2010.

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  1. Steven Says

    Does the Captcha from LANAP require that the user hit the submit button? I would like to add a captcha to a normal sharepoint submit form. when i click the submit button i want the captcha to automatically fire. just like on your blog. but how do you connect that Lanap web part to the sharePoint list submit event?

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