Few months ago I blogged about great piece of software called MindManger. I really like the concept of mind mapping, but I was missing the ability to easily collaborate with other users of MM. Posting mindmaps in a SharePoint library sounds fine, but MM does not know how to work with files stored in a document library.

Two days ago I was very happy to read a newsletter from MindJet announcing their new service called Mindjet Connect. It offers the ability to host your files “in a cloud”. You can use your favorite client software like MindManager or MS Word to read/modify these files. Workspace manager reminds me of Groove, but it has some cool features like versioning and Office interface (see below).


It is still in beta, but my first impressions are very good. It seems that more and more vendors are moving into SaaS arena and we will definitely see software market changing from grounds up. Keep in mind that few months ago Google introduced Google Sites (SharePoint competitor for SMBs); Microsoft introduced Office Live Workspaces (Hosted SharePoint targeted for individuals and SMBs) and CRM Online (Hosted version of Dynamics CRM 4.0)

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