After 1.5 years I have decided to move this blog to another blog platform and to a separate domain. In this period number of visitors increased constantly, and I am very happy with the number of visitors that come to this blog every day.

If you are reading this blog via RSS feed, just continue to do so. If you are reading this blog from your web browser, the new address is
On the new site I will introduce some new services for readers. All your comments are welcomed.

I will continue to syndicate this blog on the old site also.

Thank you for reading SharePoint Use Cases Blog!

Q: Toni, you are writing a blog about SharePoint and you are hosting it on a WordPress platform!?

Well, this is a private, non-commercial project and I just cannot afford to pay for a MOSSfis licenses.

I must also say that WordPress is really powerful blog platform. The product itself is great, but there are also couple of thousands of plugins and themes that you can download free of charge! When it comes to WCM, SharePoint really misses some things. There are some plugins and stuff on codeplex, but most of those I tried were not finished :(.

It will definitely be a good experience to learn about things another blogging software can do. I will try to provide some side-by-side analysis of WordPress features.

I was happy to find out that BlogML language exists. It allowed me to easily export all the contents from my previous blog platform (Community Server) to this one. Many thanks to Aaron for the BlogML > WordPress plugin.


  1. Peter Seale Says

    I unashamedly run mine on dasBlog (also not SharePoint-related); don’t worry about it. I would love if we had an option to get cheap, performant SharePoint hosting that also allowed full customization…but we don’t.

  2. Valerymof Says

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