We are currently customizing a site for a customer, and while doing it, our top navigation bar suddenly stopped highlighting currently selected sites.

The solution to my problem was simple: we modified top navigation manually and added some additional links to sites. If you are adding links to a subsite, it must be formated like this: “/site”. Do not use “/site/default.aspx” because this will cause the problem mentioned above.

If you have ever worked with top navigation bar on a large site, you probably noticed that it has some limitations. I personally like to use Site Navigation Tree Web Part by KwizCom. For complex scenarios you might also consider Telerik controls.


  1. Jason Says

    Perfect – thanks!!

  2. Ewan Says

    The relative path fix doesn’t work if you have the Publishing feature enabled.

  3. Jason Says

    This solution worked for me. I had enabled the publishing features and then noticed the navigation bar not highlighting. As indicated in the solution, the links were pointing to “default.aspx” – removing that (and the trailing slash, as I recall) fixed this issue. Thanks!

  4. Col Says

    Where did you go to modify the navigation manually?

    Thank you, I have trying to get this working for ages.


  5. Toni Frankola Says


    On MOSS: Go to Site Actions > Site Settings > Modify Navigation

    On WSS: Site Actions > Site Settings > Top Link Bar

  6. Col Says

    Thanks Toni. Although I am assuming this will only work if you are wanting to navigate to default.aspx if you are wanting to navigate further down ‘the tree’ this isn’t going to be a solution?

  7. Toni Frankola Says

    @Colleen: Correct 🙁

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