If you decide to link a document from a document library using some of the built in SharePoint links web parts, you will encounter a strange behavior of Office clients. Your document will be opened as read-only and you will not be able to save it.

There is an KB article which describes how you could modify registry in order to avoid that.

However, I prefer my own simple solution. In order to use it, you will need to know a little bit of HTML and that’s it.

Instead of links web part you should use Content Editor Web Part and create a link like this one:

<A HREF=”[%DOCUMENT_URL_HERE%]” onclick=”return DispEx(this,event,’TRUE’,’FALSE’,’FALSE’,’SharePoint.OpenDocuments.3′,’0′, ‘SharePoint.OpenDocuments’,”,”,”,’30’,’0′,’0′,’0x7fffffffffffffff’)”>Document name here</a>

The key difference here is the DispEx function which will be called when someone clicks this link. The document will be opened in the appropriate Office client application and you will be able to edit it.


  1. Ben McMann Says

    The other solution to this is for the end user to do the following on their computer…

    Start Windows Explorer (Start, Run, Explorer)
    From the Tools menu, select Folder Options
    Select the File Types tab
    Select the file type that you don’t want to open in IE and click Advanced
    Clear the “Browse in same window” check box and click OK
    close the Folder Options dialog box

  2. N. Janssen Says


    This option only works when linking to documents inside the site that the Content Editor webpart is located. It will not work for links to other SharePoint sites.

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