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Does anyone know how to translate SharePoint’s site usage reports? For example, when you generate the report called monthly summary – page, it lists “total hits.” Does this mean the total number of visits to the page? Also, if you have headers or graphics on a page, they show up in the report as well. For instance, my home page has 3,758 total hits but the graphics show up as a hit as well. Should I disregard the hits for the images or add them to the total? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I did a little research and found a great document by Mark Arend about SharePoint Usage Reports. It explains everything about built-in reports.

My company is also partner with Nintex. They have great products for SharePoint including Nintex Reporting 2008 – a great tool that provides you with additional information about content stored in your databases and user activities.

Nintex Reporting 2008.


  1. Nick Kharchenko Says

    I can recommend you another reporting solution: MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint. This product offers a number of customizable interactive reports, both for evaluating the common site visiting traffic and for reviewing the smallest details, such as user sessions and hits. Here, please learn some more details and online demo: http://www.mapilab.com/sharepoint/statistics/

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