Paul Grenier is witting an impressive series on on how to use JQuery to improve SharePoint look’n’feel. Few weeks ago I emailed him with a challenge: “…create a script to resize EWA [Excel Web Access] web part automatically to match content inside.”.

Excel Web Access web parts are great, but if you are using them to display external data (e.g. PivotTable that displays data from external database) it is hard to “predict” how many rows will be returned.

The web part is using IFRAME to display its content, and it does NOT resize automatically to match content being displayed. Paul is the Master of JQuery and he managed to solve this problem. Original article with Javascript code.

Thank you Paul!


  1. Mark Miller Says

    I have to agree, Paul’s series is getting more impressive by the day. I’m going to have to implement some of his solutions soon just to keep up.

    “Master of jQuery”… it kind of has a ring to it.

  2. Omegacron Says

    Rather than resizing the web part dimensions, is there a way to dynamically shrink the content? For instance, would it be feasible to view a chart at 75% (or whatever fits) instead of 100%?

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