We had a SharePoint site that was organized as shown on the following picture.


Each project had it’s own site but in each document library we wanted to connect a document with an asset stored in a central site and unique custom list.

We could not use Lookup column because we wanted to be able to share data site collection wide.
We could not use Site Column because:

  • each Asset had some additional data that was stored to Assets lists
  • we wanted to filter these assets by various criteria

Because of these requirements I decided we should create a custom column type that would allow me to connect to assets list and meet the requirements.

The final result is:


This solution allows you to:

  • Connect to a list in a different site
  • Use a list view to sort and filter results you are going to use
  • You can add additional information to this asset list
    • You can choose which field will be used as Value and Key
  • It can be used on top of Windows SharePoint Services



  1. Robin Majumdar Says

    Thanks for sharing, but I’m not certain to understand that base requirement… does this actually aggregate items from multiple lists on different sites into one list ?

    It seems like you are getting your items from one specific list not on the current site…


  2. Toni Frankola Says

    @Robin: Yes, I am getting values from a list in a another site.

  3. Rodrigo Domingues Says


    Great implementation… It’s very commun…

    Do you publish that code in some place? Will you?


  4. Casey Says

    Yes, its so tantalising, please share how you did it !

  5. Toni Frankola Says

    @Rodrigo, Casey: I just emailed you the source. Enjoy.

  6. Casey Says


    Thanks a lot!


  7. Ted Fowler Says

    Could you email me the code also. I would like to use this on my SharePoint Services 3.0 site. Thanks.

  8. Ted Fowler Says

    I enabled “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.” I’m not sure how to implement this feature. Could you send me the code for the “Implementing lists from different sites” solution. Thanks.

  9. hayley skralskis Says

    this is just what I need. The code would be most gratefully received if you could provide

  10. Toni Frankola Says

    Thanks guys, we will soon be releasing this as open source at codeplex.com. Stay tuned!

  11. Roberto Says

    Sounds interesting. Did you have released some code in codeplex yet? I not, pls can you send me a preview?

    tank you very much

  12. Vamshi Says


    This is fantastic. It would be great, if I can test it… I would love to see it… can you please share the source code… or the implementation file..

  13. NY Web Design guy Says

    will wait to get this as open source 😀

  14. Rean Says

    Hi Toni,
    this is exactly we are having an issue with, would really appreciate you sharing the code.

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