Laura Rogers posted an interesting business requirement at Stump the Panel of End User SharePoint:

Here’s a question that came in from jlschu1:
I am trying to create a web part on a SP blog site that will display the top bloggers for that site. There is a large group of people writing posts on one blog site, in one list of posts. I want to show the top bloggers based on their number of posts.

Laura solved the problem with SPD workflow which sounds interesting. Laura, I can’t wait to see it.

I took a different path and created a “non-code“ required web part to solve this. This web part is similar to my Blog Posts Archive web part. Check these out.


  1. Tesh Says

    Is it possible to do this with keywords assigned to specifc entries in a list or document library? I would like to do a code free Tag cloud for document libraries since i do not have admin rights to anything but the end user site collection

  2. Toni Frankola Says

    @Tesh: Sure it is… but the problem is I do not know how because of the way SharePoint stores that… Let me think a bit…

  3. Tesh Says

    man!! if you can do this you rock, thanks!

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