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Learn Nintex Workflow 2007 with Understanding SharePoint Journal

SharePoint - Toni Frankola - June 24, 2009

In last few weeks I noticed a lot of posts on Twitter about Nintex Workflow 2007 and SharePoint. All these came from a single user: Bjørn Furuknap (@furuknap). So I followed him for a while and I learned that he wrote a FREE e-book about Nintex Workflow 2007. If you…

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A great web part for SharePoint End Users

SharePoint - Toni Frankola - June 9, 2009

If you ever taught end users on how to use SharePoint you probably noticed they have a problem using all these nice SharePoint menus. I love the SharePoint UI very much, but I am a geek and SharePoint is made by geeks… Average SharePoint user are not geek they are…

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SharePoint Server Fault

SharePoint - Toni Frankola - June 4, 2009

Back in summer of 2008. Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood launched, a Q&A community site for programmers. In just few months it became on of the most authoritative sources for programming questions. These guys made a perfect site which is so much better than thos crapy MSDN/Technet forums and other Q&A sites over…

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List of built-in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Reports

Misc - Toni Frankola - June 3, 2009

From time to time, when I have to write a specification for CRM system based on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM I need a list of build in CRM reports. Although this list is available in CRM I sometimes cannot access CRM instance and I was not able to find…

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