menusIf you ever taught end users on how to use SharePoint you probably noticed they have a problem using all these nice SharePoint menus. I love the SharePoint UI very much, but I am a geek and SharePoint is made by geeks… Average SharePoint user are not geek they are Information workers, and as Mark says: Information Workers don’t care how it all works, they want to know why they should change their existing work habits to accommodate this new way to store their files. That said, you probably noticed that they have a problem hitting all those small arrows to expand the menus and stuff.

James Milne wrote a nice web part (Content Type Toolbar) to overcome one of these problems. It extracts all the content types of a document library and shows them with big icons above document library. It is easy to deploy and your Information workers will just love it.


  1. Jason Says

    This web parts needs to be updated to allow users to modify the code, example, comments launches outlook and with the default email address in the To line to James. Also several of the other options are not working like adding to your My Site links. Good idea just needs to be customizable.

  2. Toni Frankola Says

    Jason, I hope James will see your comment and improve his web part. Maybe you could drop him a line?

  3. James Milne Says

    Hi Jason,

    I think you are talking about my SPToolbar from the 2003 days. Yes this does need updating, but is should not be confused with the “Content Type Toolbar” which is completely new and works great with WSS/MOSS2007.


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