In last few weeks I noticed a lot of posts on Twitter about Nintex Workflow 2007 and SharePoint. All these came from a single user: Bjørn Furuknap (@furuknap). So I followed him for a while and I learned that he wrote a FREE e-book about Nintex Workflow 2007. If you are reading this blog on a regular basis you probably know that I think highly of Nintex Workflow 2007. If you are already using it and you would like to learn more, or just prospecting, take a look at Bjorn’s guide:

In this 128-page special issue of Understanding SharePoint Journal, I will introduce you to Nintex Workflow 2007, and:

  • show you how to install, configure, and test Nintex Workflow 2007
  • teach you how to use the Nintex workflow designer
  • explain how to write completely custom workflows
  • put in plain words how to use and modify workflow templates and snippets
  • show you how to use both sequential snd state machine workflows, including combining the two
  • walk you through the development of a complete workflow solution to send Get Well Soon greetings to sick employees
  • show you some of the gotchas, do’s and dont’s, and problems you may encouter
  • explain some best practices and advice on monitoring and managing workflows
  • AND you’ll get a subscription to the FREE USP Journal newsletter that gives you special offers, discount codes, and previews of other issues

Download here…

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