From time to time, when I have to write a specification for CRM system based on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM I need a list of build in CRM reports. Although this list is available in CRM I sometimes cannot access CRM instance and I was not able to find it on the web. So here it is:

  • Competitor Win Loss
    Compare how your sales team performs against competitors.
  • Campaign Comparison
    Compare two campaigns.
  • Lead Source Effectiveness
    Compare your lead sources.
  • Activities
    Display a list of activities.
  • Neglected Accounts
    Identify accounts that have not been contacted recently.
  • Neglected Cases
    Identify cases that have not been contacted recently.
  • Neglected Leads
    Identify leads that have not been contacted.
  • Account Distribution
    Identify patterns in top revenue-generating accounts.
  • Top Knowledge Base Articles
    Identify the most frequently used knowledge base articles.
  • Campaign Activity Status
    Track a campaign.
  • Campaign Performance
    Track the progress and status of campaigns.
  • Sales History
    Understand past sales performance.
  • Account Summary
    View a chronological summary of an account.
  • Account Overview
    View a one-page overview of an account.
  • Quote
    View a quote and its line items.
  • Invoice
    View an invoice and its line items.
  • Order
    View an order and its line items.
  • Sales Pipeline
    View anticipated potential sales.
  • Products By Contact
    View products that are used by a contact.
  • Products By Account
    View products that are used by an account.
  • Case Summary Table
    View the patterns in cases.
  • Service Activity Volume
    View the patterns in service activity volume.

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