Back in summer of 2008. Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood launched, a Q&A community site for programmers. In just few months it became on of the most authoritative sources for programming questions. These guys made a perfect site which is so much better than thos crapy MSDN/Technet forums and other Q&A sites over the web. Great job guys!!!

Few weeks ago the second site called launched. It is a community site for IT professionals.


Toni, how is this site related with SharePoint?

Believe it or not there is a lot of SharePoint releated questions on both sites and our small SharePoint community is groving every day. So if you have a programming or it pro (admin) question about SharePoint visit one of the links below.

SharePoint tagged questions at StackOverflow (programming)

SharePoint tagged questions at ServerFault (it pro)

Toni, how would you improve these sites for SharePoint community?

Well Jeff believes that programming, it pro and end user questions should be strictly separted (this is why they have different sites for each group). However SharePoint is am unique platform where programming, administration and end user questions are overlapping all the time. It would be cool if we could use a single site for all the SharePoint questions.


Each user earns reputation from asking/answering questions here is mine for both sites :)))

StackOverflow: ServerFault:

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