After a number of events in USA, SharePoint Saturday (free community driven event) is flying across oceans (both Atlantic and Pacific). In August it will debut in Europe: Copenhagen, Denmark.

I am happy to announce that I will be speaking at SharePoint Saturday, Copenhagen, organized by Isaac Stith (@MrIsaac) and Jens Nørgaard (@SharePointDK). If you are reading this blog and plan to visit the event I would be happy to see you there.


Your organization has deployed SharePoint as the ultimate collaboration platform that will solve all your problems in a blink of an eye. However you, as the content owner, are still struggling with end users and all the SharePoint features. In this session we are going to discuss tools you have at hand and simple and effective scenarios you can implement on your portal. These will help end-users to perform day-to-day operations with ease and to boost the overall SharePoint adoption.

Language: English
Session Level: Intermediate
Target audience: (Power) End User

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  1. SharePoint Developer Training Says

    Looking forward to seing you at the conference in Lyngy!

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