A few weeks ago Chris posted the following problem on Stump the panel:

We want to display KPI indicators with each item (green if we met the target, yellow almost, red not even close). I’ve been using Visual Indicators for the Masses: KPIs in WSS.  So I setup different lists for each one, So in financial the target/actual is set to currency. In customer loyalty it’s a number etc. This was working fine until today, when I got to see more of the real data. I learned under financial that the target/actual could be sometimes a $ amount, or it could be a count, or a percentage!!!

Well, this is a common situation in the IT field, requirements change as we go :). The problem seemed interesting and Chris and I worked together to solve it. The final solution looks like this:

KPI Dashboard for WSS
This is a simple solution. It does not require code deployment and it works on WSS. You only need some time and patience to build everything.

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