Staccee emailed me with the following problem:

Can you report off of “Comments” entered when documents are checked in/out? If so, any help on how to get them all?
Here is what I am doing: I navigate to a document that needs to be updated. I use the ‘Check Out’ function and then ‘Edit in Microsoft Excel’ function. I make the changes I need and then ‘Check In’ the document. I am prompted at check in to provide ‘Comments’ (it’s not a mandatory field, but I utilize it). I imagine it’s saved to the database somewhere, but I have no idea of what rights/access I need to get to that information. Unfortunately I’m an end user and not an IT member. I’m sure if I had access to the DB I could explain a little better.

No problem Staccee… this one is a simple problem to solve.

  • The first thing you need to check if Versioning is turned on for your document library. Go to Document library settings > Versioning Settings to turn it on. (More…).
    • In case you do not have privileges to customize document library settings call your Site Owner to help you with this one
  • On the document menu there should be Version History Option and it will show you all previous version along with Check-in comments and time stamps. It will also show who made the change to a document.

Location of Version history option is shown at the following figure:


And this is how version history looks like:


Update: Laura also posted a nice workaround solution in a comment below.

Update from Staccee : Thanks! You rock Toni :))


  1. Laura Rogers Says

    Versioning is not needed to simply display the check in comments. Here’s what you do instead:

    Modify the current view of your document library.
    Put a check box next to the “Check In Comments” column
    Click OK


  2. Toni Frankola Says

    Tnx. Good point Laura… this is also good and very easy to use solution to display the last comment.

    But silly me, I did not state the problem correctly :(((. Staccee needs entire history of comments to be shown…

    Updated it now.

  3. Laura Rogers Says

    Cool, that makes more sense. I read over the problem a couple of times, and thought I was missing something. 😉

  4. Toni Frankola Says

    Nope… it’s just me… I need to be more careful… Tnx. :)))

  5. Maximilian Behm Says

    Hey all!

    Laura, I think you’ve the solution I’m looking for but unfortunately I need some more details!
    I’m trying to display the check-in comment of the last (=displayed) version inside a column.

    Would be nice if someone could help me with this!


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