If your company is considering implementing SharePoint collaboration platform Microsoft has a free* offering for you: SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS).

How can you benefit from this program? Well it is easy. If you are currently planning to deploy SharePoint to your organization you can contact a certified SDPS partner to help you plan this engagement. This program can also be activated if you are planning to roll-out some new features (e.g. Enterprise Search) or if you are planning future upgrade to SharePoint 2010.

Program comes as 1, 3, 5, 10 or 15 days engagement. SDPS partner is going to help you better understand SharePoint business value and also provide you with number of deliverables to help you finalize your deployment. (10 & 15 day engagements also include production pilot as displayed on figure below).

How can I engage SDPS?

Well it is easy, you need to find a certified partner to help you drive the process. If you want to work with me and my company just drop me a line, or use this search engine to find other partners in your region.

Engagement days and eligibility

The number of engagement days for which you are eligible is determined by the number of Microsoft Office Application Licenses, Core or Enterprise CALs. (Contact your licensing partner or Microsoft for more details.) You are eligible for these benefits if you participate in any of the following Volume Licensing programs: Open Value, Open Value Subscription, Select License Software Assurance Membership, Select Plus Software Assurance Membership,  Enterprise Agreement, Enterprise Subscription Agreement. Click here for details.



*- Well, this program is not completely free, you already paid for Office licenses or CALs 🙂

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