A customer emailed me today with the following questions:

If we are using Remote Blob Store, can users see these files from SharePoint web interface and SharePoint Workspace? How are we going to backup these files?

The answer is: Yes, users will be able to use both SharePoint web interface and Workspace to work with the files. End user cannot tell the difference between a file stored in database and a file stored in remote blob storage.

A few screenshots:

File stored in remote blob storage, displayed in a Document Library:

A file in a Document Library

The same file viewed from SharePoint Workspace:

SharePoint file in a SharePoint Workspace

And finally, how does this same thing looks in a blog storage (disk)? There are multiple copies of the file on disk, because I made a few changes to the file and every version is kept as a separate file.

SharePoint Remote Blog Storage (RBS)

Backup and Restore

FILESTREAM works with all recovery models and all forms of backup and restore (full, differential, and log), check Plan for backup and recovery (SharePoint Server 2010) for more details.

Installing and Configuring

For more details on installing and configuring Remote Blob storage for SharePoint, check this post by Todd Klindt.

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