At Acceleratio, we often receive various use case requests from customers using our product Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint, here are few of those use cases:

Use case – Upgrading farms or resuming maintenance after rogue admin left

Customer writes:

I have taken over administration of a SharePoint farm at [enter company name here] and will be migrating all sites to a new farm. The former administrator is no longer here and very little documentation exists, but discovered your tool on one of the servers and has proven to be quite useful.

Here is how you can use us Documentation Toolkit to help you document SharePoint farm topology and ease you administration efforts:

Use case – Managing permissions and audit reports

Customer writes:

The Office of the Lord Commander has requested an account termination. Please remove Jon Snow (JS030329) from all the SharePoint sites effective 2:30pm this afternoon. Also, for security purposes, please provide an audit report of the sites and permissions removed.

Yup, people leave companies, are fired, or change positions, so SharePoint admins need to manage these things. Here is how our tool helps you with these tasks:

  • Use the advanced load to load SharePoint farm configuration and all the permissions given
  • Use the Permission Explorer to explore permissions by Web Applications or Site Collections or
  • Open the User Permissions report to check all permissions for an individual user. Reports can easily be exported to Excel or PDF for other departments.

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