Recently, we finally migrated all our content to SharePoint Online (Office365). Microsoft really did a great job with their infrastructure and optimizations. SharePoint works great in the cloud.

When deploying our new intranet portal I defined the following rule for Document Libraries:

  • Each should be visible in Quick Launch
  • Major versions should be enabled

You can achieve this:

  • By manually configuring each document library (Please don’t.)
  • By creating a document library template with these settings (it will work, but if someone uses default template, it will not follow your guidelines)
  • By automating this via .NET code or PowerShell

For our internal use I developed a small C# app that uses SharePoint Client Object Model to configure the settings mentioned above. My friend Wictor Wilen has posted this great Office365 / SharePoint Online authentication library that saved me a lot of time.

The sample below will iterate your sites and update Document Library settings to match the rule I mentioned above. You will also need the library from Wictor.

Please note: I have no idea if this code is optimal. It might break your SharePoint. It worked well for our, English template based site collection.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using Microsoft.SharePoint.Client;

namespace Acceleratio.Office365.DLUpdates {
    class Program {
        static void Main(string[] args) {

            Console.Write("SharePoint Online URL (e.g. ");
            string url = Console.ReadLine();
            Console.Write("Username (e.g. ");
            string username = Console.ReadLine();
            Console.Write("Password: ");
            string password = ReadPassword();

            // download here:
            Wictor.Office365.MsOnlineClaimsHelper claimsHelper = new Wictor.Office365.MsOnlineClaimsHelper(url, username, password);
            using (ClientContext context = new ClientContext(url))
                context.ExecutingWebRequest += claimsHelper.clientContext_ExecutingWebRequest;


                Console.WriteLine("Please wait while we update your site. This can take a while... Go for a run!");
                GetSubSites(context, context.Web);

        private static void GetSubSites(ClientContext context, Web web)
            Console.WriteLine("Updating {0}", web.ServerRelativeUrl);
            UpdateDocumentLibrarySettings(context, web);


            foreach(Web w in web.Webs)
                GetSubSites(context, w);

        private static void UpdateDocumentLibrarySettings(ClientContext context, Web web)

            ListCollection lists = web.Lists;
            foreach (List list in lists)
                context.Load(list, l => l.IsSiteAssetsLibrary);

                // Only non hidden, non system Document Libraries will be updated (update for different languages)
                if (!list.Hidden && !list.IsSiteAssetsLibrary && list.BaseType == BaseType.DocumentLibrary && list.Title != "Form Templates" && list.Title != "Style Library")
                    list.EnableVersioning = true;

                    // Site Pages lib will not be visible on Quick Launch (update for different languages)
                    if(list.Title != "Site Pages")
                        list.OnQuickLaunch = true;


        private static string ReadPassword()
            string pass = "";
            ConsoleKeyInfo key;

                key = Console.ReadKey(true);

                // Backspace Should Not Work
                if (key.Key != ConsoleKey.Backspace && key.Key != ConsoleKey.Enter)
                    pass += key.KeyChar;
                    if (key.Key == ConsoleKey.Backspace && pass.Length > 0)
                        pass = pass.Substring(0, (pass.Length - 1));
                        Console.Write("\b \b");
            // Stops Receving Keys Once Enter is Pressed
            while (key.Key != ConsoleKey.Enter);


            return pass;


  1. Stefan Bauer Says

    Nice sample but from time to time you have the script to run again. Hope that some day a provisioning handler for lists and libraryies exists too. 😉

  2. Toni Frankola Says

    Yeah, not ideal. A centralized governance policies would be much better solution.

  3. Jose Says

    Please note that the claims helper class will only work for https:// url. If you are trying to authenticate to your public website site collection you will get authentication errors.

  4. Toni Frankola Says

    @Jose: Never tried that. However even public site should have an alternative URL like

  5. Joao Says

    Do you know how to set this variable to true?
    In SP2013 has a get set method but apparently in SP online it only supports the get method.
    Thank you

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