It’s been a while since I posted something here, but we were very busy with our newest product: Governance Toolkit for Office 365.

overnance Toolkit for Office 365
Governance Toolkit for Office 365

So what is this about? GovKit365 is the younger brother of our successful product Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint. In recent years we have witnessed a number of companies moving to the cloud and migrating from their on-premises infrastructure (SharePoint, Exchange, Lync…) to the Microsoft Online Office 365 services. With this product we want to help administrators who manage and maintain Office 365 deployments / tenants. Here are the main areas we focused on:

  1. Overall system documentation (tons of settings available via Portal UI or PowerShell)
  2. Exchange mailboxes documentation (settings)
  3. Exchange mailboxes security (permissions)
  4. SharePoint permissions

I will try to post some use cases on how one can use our tool in various scenarios.

The product is a subscription and starts from $149 / year. In case you are reading this before Oct 18th 2013, you can get 50% discount. Just use the code “Promo-50%-GK365” in our web shop.

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