SkyDrive Pro Sync to Office 365 (SharePoint Online) in Google Chrome



If you are using latest version of Google Chrome and Office 365 (SharePoint Online) you probably noticed that the SkyDrive Pro sync will not work out of the box. Here is what you need to do, and unfortunately you will have to do it for every new browser session:

  1. Navigate to a document library you wish to sync and click the Sync button in the Ribbon.Sync to SkyDrive Pro
  2. Click on the Sync now button in the dialog.skydrive2
  3. And nothing will happen after that, well UNLESS you click on the small shield icon that appears in the Google Chrome address bar. Click on Shield icon and then on the Load unsafe script link
  4. Repeat the steps 1-2 and Sync to SkyDrive dialog will appear on screen

Alternatively you can connect to an existing library by pasting URL via  SkyDrive Pro in the task bar.