Free eBook: A Guide to Permissions Management



Wanna know more about SharePoint terminology and how to efficiently manage permissions? The SPDocKit team published a guide to broaden your knowledge about permissions and what are some of the best practices are for managing SharePoint permissions.

In this free, printable eBook, titled SharePoint Permissions Management—Terminology, Best Practices & Use Cases, I discuss the basic terminology behind users, groups, objects, as well as Active Directory, and more.

Because SharePoint permissions are a very complex subject, the eBook guides you through various permission types which you can assign across your SharePoint environment. Some of the topics I cover are as follows: permission levels, permission inheritance, role assignments, users with privileged access, and how to keep your farm permissions under control with the latest best practices.

Feel free to check it out and download it for free on from out official SPDocKit website here.

SharePoint Permissions Management - Terminology, Best Practices & Use Cases - Free printable eBook