6 years ago, Nenad proposed an idea to Adis and me: “Let’s have our own conference in Croatia!”. That’s how “SharePoint & Project Conference Adriatics (SPC Adriatics)” was born. The first single-day event was on Nov 28th 2012 in Zagreb, Croatia.

A lot has changed since 2012., we just wrapped the 6th edition (now under different brand: European Collaboration Summit). It was one of the largest community conferences worldwide (in #SharePointand #Office365 space at least) and our first time in Mainz, Germany. We welcomed more than 1600 people. The programme was packed with staggering 103 sessions across 6 tracks. I cannot tell you how happy I was to see our little conference evolve to something so huge and important on the European and global level!

This would not be possible without our speakers who traveled from a number of different countries on their own dime to deliver knowledge for free.

The team behind the event poured their heart and soul to make to it great: Spencer who lead our content team: MikeMartinaToni and VesaMargitand Nenad who made sure our “back-office” ticks without a glitch, and Matthias who managed the venue and on-the-field organization. Thank you to you all!

But this event would never have existed if it wasn’t for one guy, our Director Adis who was the force of this event from the day one.

Thank you all, I am so proud and happy to be part of this team!

See’ya all in Mainz in 2019.

To war!

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