Introducing NewsPoint – latest SharePoint and Office 365 news in one place!


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A couple of months ago we discussed internally in SysKit how we could help onboard new colleagues and get them up to speed with the latest news and developments about SharePoint, Office 365 and other topics related to Microsoft. There are many resources that come to mind like Microsoft Tech Community and SharePoint subreddit but none of these included news from across the spectrum.

Hacker News inspired us as we were looking for something simple, that one could glimpse over each day and get infused by all the recent developments. We have been testing this system internally for a couple of months now and received a lot of good feedback.

Please allow me to present NewsPoint.

Sharing is caring! If we want this website to flourish, we need your help to share your news and up-vote the interesting topics.

We are looking for all kind of news:
– Great blog post you wrote
– Information about community events you are organizing
– Your open source projects and initiatives
– Links to the latest news and developments
– Free online events e.g. webinars and such
– Your company news like product news etc.

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2 responses to “Introducing NewsPoint – latest SharePoint and Office 365 news in one place!”

  1. Stephen Avatar


    Excellent work!, Is an RSS feed available?


  2. Toni Frankola Avatar
    Toni Frankola

    Sure. Link is in the footer or just go to: