Understanding the size of your SharePoint environment



When working with potential new customers we often ask “How large is your SharePoint farm environment?”. More often than not our customers don’t have all the information that is required to scope a proper SysKit SPDocKit or SysKit Insights project we need some of the following information:

  • How many SharePoint (Production/Dev/QA/Test/…) farms there are in the company?
  • How many servers there are per each SharePoint farm?
  • What are the hardware specs (CPU, Memory, Disk speed) of the servers at hand?
  • Is SQL Server of the farm a separate install? If so, what are the hardware specs of the SQL Server cluster?
  • How many web applications there are in each farm?
  • How many site collections do you have?
  • Out of these site collections how many are personal (my) sites?
  • How many end-users are using these SharePoint farms?
  • List all the site collections you have, with the following information:
    • Site Collection size (in GB)
    • Number of subsites
    • Number of documents ad list items
    • Number of users per each site collection

Customers find it really hard to figure out the answers to the last question so I wrote a simple PowerShell script to help you dig this information up.

You can check the script for analyzing your SharePoint farm over at GitHub. It lists all your web applications, site collections, number of sites, lists and items along with the number of users per site collection. The data generated is anonymized so you can easily send this to customers to get info about their environments without ever seeing the names of site collections etc.

Found a bug, please fill free to fix it as this is still work in progress.