We, the nice people from SysKit, have released yet another stunning version on SPDocKit. You can read more detailed release note here.

Let me provide a few details for this release in particular. Seven years ago, when we released the first version of SPDocKit we wanted to provide you with a tool that can document all large and small settings scattered in Central Admin and other places. We built a comprehensive documentation engine that was used by thousands of SharePoint admins to provide professional looking documentation that allowed them to build a very detailed inventory of every SharePoint farm they managed either in-house or for their clients.

Our team has spent a good part of the last 12 months talking to customers large and small, trying to figure out what’s the next biggest pain they have in the day-to-day management of SharePoint systems. Our customers told us these are:

  • Audit all content changes across all site collections.
  • Audit all security changes across all site collections.
  • Track which content is being used and by whom (total hits and visitors).
  • Understand how SharePoint is being used, which file types are most frequently stored and which content is consuming most of our storage.
  • Present the above-mentioned data in nice looking reports.

So you asked, and we delivered: SPDocKit v8 is all about content usage reporting and analytics. Download free trial and check it out.

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