Office 365 Auditing Demystified



With Office 365 usage ever increasing with one hundred eighty million monthly active users for Office 365 commercial and 60 % SharePoint growth in active users in the last year the over which is just amazing (more).

With more and more workers working remotely, companies are looking to find ways to allow more collaboration, but with all the security and checks in place on top all the regulatory requirements like GDRP, HIPPA or the upcoming California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Office 365 has you covered here, and to help you better understand Office 365 security we one of the critical components of helping you better understand Office 365 security are the built-in Audit Logs. We wrote a comprehensive article to explain, from the perspective of IT Professional, how to properly navigate through Office 365 admin audit logs and to learn more about Office 365 Auditing in general.