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Getting Users to Appreciate Lookup Columns in SharePoint – Part I

Office 365, SharePoint, SharePoint 2013 - Toni Frankola - February 27, 2014

A software engineer or a technical person can easily understand the benefits of lookup columns (in SharePoint or any other system). However, not every SharePoint user is familiar with the concept of foreign keys and the advantages they provide. In this and next two posts, I will present a couple…

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Deleting a SharePoint Subsite in Office 365

Office 365, SharePoint, SharePoint 2013 - Toni Frankola - February 5, 2014

Some weeks ago I got this screenshot from an end user: OK, I changed his red caption a little bit. The text was more similar to “How THE HELL do I delete this???” You might be tempted to think that the delete button is just around the corner, but I…

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Where is “Create Custom List” in SharePoint 2013?

Office 365, SharePoint, SharePoint 2013 - Toni Frankola - January 30, 2014

Users keep asking me how to create a custom list in SharePoint 2013. However, they are not asking for details and secrets of custom list functionality or settings (since this is very similar to previous versions of SharePoint). What they mean is: “I don’t see a menu option or a…

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Managing document library versioning settings with Governance Toolkit for Office 365

Office 365, SharePoint, SharePoint 2013 - Toni Frankola - January 27, 2014

Have you ever wanted to: enforce version control make checkouts obligatory for all the documents in your site collection, without changing the settings for each document library manually? This blog post is about our product Governance Toolkit for Office 365. I will explain how to use the product to perform…

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Governance Toolkit for Office 365

Office 365, SharePoint 2013 - Toni Frankola - September 30, 2013

It’s been a while since I posted something here, but we were very busy with our newest product: Governance Toolkit for Office 365. So what is this about? GovKit365 is the younger brother of our successful product Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint. In recent years we have witnessed a number of companies moving to…

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How to configure uniform Document Library settings for entire site collection in SharePoint Online

Office 365, SharePoint 2013 - Toni Frankola - April 2, 2013

Recently, we finally migrated all our content to SharePoint Online (Office365). Microsoft really did a great job with their infrastructure and optimizations. SharePoint works great in the cloud. When deploying our new intranet portal I defined the following rule for Document Libraries: Each should be visible in Quick Launch Major…

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How to enable alternate languages in Office365

Office 365, SharePoint, SharePoint 2010 - Toni Frankola - November 30, 2011

Yesterday Microsoft announced Office365 (trial) availability in 22 additional countries (including Croatia :)). This blog post explains what you need to do in order to enable additional languages for the SharePoint site hosted in the Office365 environment: Open your team site via browser. Click on the Site Actions > Site Settings.…

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