What would you say are the most important things in SharePoint farm administration?

When you are a SharePoint administrator or a consultant, the ability to properly and without difficulty manage a SharePoint environment, generate SharePoint documentation, analyze permissions, and compare SharePoint farms, should be at the top of your priority list.

SPDocKit is here to help you automatically create detailed farm documentation with all the configuration settings in it. With features such as Compare Farm and Track Changes, you can audit all changes made to your environment, as well as use five compare types in SPDocKit to compare web applications, site collections, permissions, and web.config.files. You can analyze and manage SharePoint permissions making SharePoint permission management a seamless task. Find out more about the amazing SPDocKit and give it a try.

Have you ever been puzzled by how many SQL Server instances you have in your domain? Do you know how to autodiscover SQL Servers and create a SQL Server Inventory?

To autodetect SQL Servers in a domain, we have developed SQLDocKit. This tool can help you to discover and document your entire SQL Server environment. It can also be helpful for creating SQL Server documentation, detecting SQL Server instances across multiple domains, report on disk usage, forecasting disk-size growth, and much more. For stress-free SQL Server and database management, download and equip your organization with SQLDocKit!

For server monitoring and administration, we have you covered as well! SysKit gathers server performance metrics, user activity, and application usage, and it can be used to create automated server documentation. We have a 30-day free trial, so go ahead and download SysKit. Be sure to try out the new remote PowerShell Administration feature!

We didn’t come up short handed, and have created an Office 365 reporting tool. CloudKit 365 is able to retrieve Office 365, SharePoint Online, and Exchange Online reports, and as well it offers SharePoint Online permission management. You can register for a free trial to start gathering insights about your Office 365 environment.