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Auto populate Search suggestions for SharePoint People Search

SharePoint 2010 - Toni Frankola - August 9, 2012

One of mine customers wanted to replace their existing phone directory with the SharePoint OOTB user profiles. They already had all the data in the Active Directory and also had pictures for most employees, so SharePoint sounded like an obvious choice. One of the requests was to have search as…

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Walkthrough: Add tabs for custom scopes in Enterprise Search Center

SharePoint, SharePoint 2010 - Toni Frankola - June 19, 2012

When configuring SharePoint Search for customers I often help them configure their SharePoint Enterprise Search center. Companies usually index various content: SharePoint, Web Sites, File Shares, and it’s always good to divide different content sources with tabs, just as popular Search Engines like Google and Bing do. So what do…

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Localizing CoreSearchResults Web Part with XSLT

SharePoint, SharePoint 2010 - Toni Frankola - June 10, 2012

I recently had to create a custom formatting via XSLT for SharePoint CoreSearchResults Web Part. This is not very complicated, and has been around since SharePoint 2007 (Customizing Enterprise Search Results). This time, however, we had to localize the XSLT transformation so that it displays different labels based on SharePoint…

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SharePoint Search error: The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it

SharePoint, SharePoint 2010 - Toni Frankola - March 9, 2011

While configuring SharePoint 2010 for a client we encountered the following error in the search crawl logs: The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070422) Had no idea how to fix it because all…

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Configuring Scopes Dropdown

SharePoint - Toni Frankola - November 20, 2008

In previous articles I wrote about configuring scopes in SharePoint and Search Server 2008 (Part 1 | Part 2). One additional question that I would like to explain is scopes dropwodn configuration. Configuring Scopes Scopes are controlled by Site Settings > Search Settings, here is the list of available options:…

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Configuring scopes in Microsoft Search Server 2008

SharePoint - Toni Frankola - October 19, 2008

We are currently demonstrating Microsoft Search Server 2008 to a number of customers. In order the speed-up the this process, we deployed an evaluation version of MSS on our evaluation server. I wanted to configure MSS as testing environment for some customers but allowing each customer to have an independent…

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Search Server 2008 first impressions, roadmap and opportunities

SharePoint - Toni Frankola - January 2, 2008

Back in November Microsoft announced Microsoft Search Server 2008 (MSS). It is built on SharePoint search technology but it does not include any other features. I have been testing it internally ever since and I must say that I am quite impressed with the results. The search engine is quick,…

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SSO and Sharepoint

SharePoint - Toni Frankola - July 10, 2007

Last week I was busy setting up BDC, Search and Excel services for my company intranet site. I will be posting a series of posts on these topics but today I will put a few notes on SSO. You will definitely need SSO for BDC and BDC Search; for Excel…

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