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SharePoint Usage Reports explained

SharePoint - Toni Frankola - October 26, 2008

A reader MCT asked: Does anyone know how to translate SharePoint’s site usage reports? For example, when you generate the report called monthly summary – page, it lists “total hits.” Does this mean the total number of visits to the page? Also, if you have headers or graphics on a…

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SharePoint Usage Reports

SharePoint - Toni Frankola - October 3, 2007

One of my customers recently deployed intranet site on MOSS 2007. After a while we wanted to analyze the usage of this site. I was rather disappointed to see the built-in reports in MOSS. Reports are very basic and do not give you many clues about real usage of your…

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SharePoint Usage and Search Usage Reports Issues

SharePoint - Toni Frankola - July 2, 2007

I was eager to see what Microsoft has done with reports in new SharePoint. But when I tried to enable and see these reports, I got an error 403 saying this page is forbidden. (I’m SharePoint administrator.) This problem is known and is explained here: The article references a…

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